Process Flow

The Bureau website has been created to facilitate prospective investors.

Registration: The investor needs to create a login identification and password (Investor Registration)

Common Application Form (CAF): After creating a login identification and password the investor will be directed to submit the common application form. A detailed project report should also be provided with the CAF.

Approval Process: The Bureau will process the application and keep the investor in the loop regarding the various project initiation stages or in case any further information or documents are required.

Regulatory Clearances & Fiscal Incentives: The bureau will serve as a single point of contact for giving all regulatory clearances & applicable fiscal incentives and assist the investor in setting up the project.

Please refer to the following flowchart to understand the steps and associated timelines involved

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Please feel free to contact the PBIP helpdesk or leave a query on our website for any information needed to set up business in Punjab.

Last Updated Date: 12-Mar-2019