The Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion (Invest Punjab) has been set up by the Government of Punjab as the single point of contact for facilitation of investors who are looking to set up a business in Punjab. It is also a one-stop office for providing state-level regulatory clearances and approvals for fiscal incentives.

The Bureau was established in December 2013 vide a Govt. notification wherein the concurrent powers of key departments were bought under a single roof for granting of statutory clearances required for setting up of business in the State. Presently, there are officers from 23 State departments housed under the Bureau. After 2 successful years, the Government of Punjab further strengthened the legal constitution of the institution by enacting The Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion Act, 2016. This Act empowered the CEO of the Bureau to exercise powers of all the departments of the Government of Punjab as devolved upon it under their respective rules.

Following are the participatory Member Departments:

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Department of Science, Technology and Environment
  • Department of Power
  • Department of Local Government
  • Department of Forests and Wild Life
  • Department of Labour
  • Directorate of Factories
  • Department of Industry and Commerce
  • Department of Revenue
  • Department of Excise and Taxation

As the nodal agency, Invest Punjab has been entrusted with the responsibility to ensure a smooth transition of projects from proposal stage to the implementation stage. Being an institution built on the idea of “Business First”, the Bureau works with a focused and professional approach that is geared towards building long-term relationships with Punjab’s industries. The goal is to serve the investors in a transparent, timely manner with integrity. The young nature of the institution allows for the Bureau to adopt innovative investment promotion practices for providing customized information/services to investors. Officers in the Bureau are organized into various cells for activities ranging from ease of doing business to logistics to incentives.

As Punjab’s lead agency for facilitating global business, Invest Punjab has a long track record of supporting both international and domestic investments as they seek new growth opportunities in Punjab. Its dynamic professionals are committed to the development of Punjab as an ideal destination for business - an investor friendly environment wherein tailored, in-depth information and personalized services are available to investors to allow them establish and deepen their strategic activity in Punjab. Further, these services have recently been extended at the district level to assist local businesses and support the strengthening of the MSME sector which is the backbone of Punjab’s economy. Therefore, whether the goal is to establish a new venture in Punjab or to strengthen the growth of existing businesses, Invest Punjab eagerly awaits to support each individual’s/firm’s business journey.


To position Punjab as a Global Investment destination and boost high-quality jobs in the State.


To provide world class professional facilitation services to Indian and International Investors exploring opportunities in the State of Punjab.


  • Excellence, Professionalism and Focused approach
  • Integrity, Accountability and Transparency
  • Client-first attitude and Walking extra mile for investors
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous connect with Industry

Mandate of the Bureau

  • Act as “One Stop” regulatory/licensing agency
  • Promote investments in the State of Punjab
  • Develop investor-friendly environment and processes with client first attitude
  • Make relevant information available to investors
  • Facilitate trade and investment opportunities that create value for investors and the State
  • Build long term relationship with investors

Last Updated Date: 29-Apr-2019