Abundant Quality Power

Punjab has taken significant steps to ensure availability of quality power to industrial and domestic users at competitive prices. The rapid strides taken by the State in increasing power production, including development of three new power plants, has ensured that Punjab is a power surplus state.

Comparison of the tariff status of different (Rates + FCA) (With ED + Octroi) in Paise / Unit

Power demand and supply (MW) 2012 – 13 2014 – 15
Average demand 8,214 9,567
Availability 5,872 8,884
New power plants 0 2,600
Total availability 5,872 11,484
Surplus(+) / Deficit(-) -2,342 +1,917

Punjab is a pioneer in developing a state-level 400 KV Ring Main System to improve power quality and its supply. The State has invested about ₹ 4,400 crore (US$ 730 mn) in the last three years to strengthen the transmission and distribution systems.

Last Updated Date: 12-Mar-2019