Punjab is home to 101 engineering colleges, 181 polytechnics and 378 ITI’s ensuring a ready pool of skilled talent for industry. These institutes have ample capacity to meet the demand of industry in the coming years.

Institutes Number Capacity Courses Offered
Engineering Colleges 101 43,784 35
Polytechnics 181 62,700 29
ITI’s 378 62,000+ 91


Education and skills have been given priority by the State as a key enabler in enhancing investment as well as fostering the current ecosystem. Punjab stands 3rd in India with respect to the Education Development Index (EDI) by the United Nations.

“On-demand” industry-specific training

In addition to providing an established base with ample capacity to meet growing needs of industry, the State recognizes importance of need-based training and ensures flexibility by providing on-demand, customized courses for industry.

  • Four Multi Skill Development Centers to be established at Amritsar, Ludhiana, Bathinda and Hoshiarpur with capacity of 15,000 trainees per centre per year.
  • Skill Training Academy being established in Ropar with TATA group having a capacity of 2000-3000 trainees/year.
  • Private training providers (PTPs) in which the Government provides infrastructure to private players with technical expertise. They are expected to train 10,000 people annually with assured placement of 70%.
  • Vocational Training Providers(VTPs) to providing more 1,500 courses for industry.
  • Community Colleges with skill oriented courses designed in consultation with the industry and ensure 100% employment.
  • 250 Skill Development centers.
  • 34 Centers of Excellence, under the ITI scheme, established in different sectors of technology where the industry may decide the course content according to their requirement.
  • Hospitality: Capacity to train 1640 students on different hospitality courses in ITI's.

Higher Education

Punjab is home to world-class institutes providing excellent quality trained individuals in a variety of fields. It has 3 state universities, 7 private universities and over 500 colleges.

Last Updated Date: 12-Mar-2019